Secure File Sharing

Bring Your Own Device Problems Solved with Zyber’s Secure File Synchronization private cloud solution. Over 50% of enterprises in the US have banned usage of File Sync Services like Dropbox due to security concerns. Yet enterprise users are demanding Dropbox like functionality at work because of personal experiences with such services at home. This poses a dilemma for IT.

Zyber has the solution: an on-premise Secure File Sync (SFS) solution with best-in-class encryption that we call Zyber Secure File Sync. Since it is on-premise and attaches to a Local Area Network (LAN) it has superior performance to an offsite cloud-based service. It also resides in your enterprise controlled data center behind your managed firewall and IDS systems.

Zyber’s SFS has small and large sized solutions so an enterprise can have a distributed SFS architecture with small appliances in branch offices and a large highly redundant server farms at the head office. Because of its distributed architecture, Zyber’s SFS is also an effective Business Continuity – Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) solution. SFS can be accessed locally via a LAN or remotely via a Wide Area Network (WAN).

With SFS the end user can enjoy user friendly functionality, while IT can control accessibility and enjoy greater audit capability than current cloud-based file sharing apps. In addition, enterprise customers have an elegant backup and BC/DR solution for local drives.


Zyber to Hardware

data virtualization

Data Virtualization

Data virtualization is any method of data management that lets an application retrieve and manipulate data without requiring technical details about it, such as how the data is formatted or where the data is physically located. Zyber allows you to transact, share data and collaborate across multiple devices and operating systems all within one, easy to install secure platform. Zyber provides the ultimate in control and security without leaving a digital footprint on anyone’s device. If a negligent end user loses or otherwise compromises a device, it contains no data.