About Us

Company background

  • Proof-of-concept (POC) trials planned by five large enterprise and government agencies
  • Commercial launch expected this financial year
  • Based in Vancouver Canada
  • With a development team in Australia

What is Zyber?

  • Centralised enterprise platform for secure file sharing
  • Sensitive data/files never leave company’s control
  • Files are accessed by end users via encrypted streaming
  • End user can still edit file/collaborate with others
  • Scalable with multi-deployment model for enterprise and SMBs

How is Zyber different?

  • Current solutions focus on ‘plugging holes’ in existing file sharing software and threat detection
  • Vulnerabilities will always remain due to decentralised nature of existing file sharing software
  • Leaves no digital footprint: loss of mobile device doesn’t mean loss of data
  • Zyber is built from the ground-up to seamlessly work with current enterprise IT systems
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