Zyber allows for file sharing in a secure private cloud with browser-based convenience, 256 bit AES encryption with the access speed of a fast-loading web application.

Zero Footprint Technology

(AKA Negligent Users Literally Can't Mess This Up)

Files are never saved to the negligent device without authorization. User-level permissions allow control of WHO can access files and WHERE they are accessed, leaving no trace for hackers to exploit.

Setup in Minutes, not Days

Why spend days, months, or even years on a POC when you can have our solution setup in less than a minute? Compliance standards and sophisticated hacks are growing exponentially each day. We get it. And we’ve created a solution to combat these growing concerns for organizations small and large that is quick and easy to setup, and ready out of the box. Try a trial of fully featured Zyber free of charge for a limited time.